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Whether you started out in the physical world or the e-commerce realm, Google has always been on of the core distribution channels to reach your target audience.

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Photo by Benjamin Dada / Unsplash

In Google I/O 2019, Google just announced some exciting updates to Google Maps and to Google Lens, that could change the retail experience forever. Let's take a look at the Top 2.

1. Google Maps Augmented Reality (AR)

For most small to mid sized businesses, casual customers might not always know where your store locations are. Google Maps was a radically better piece of GPS technology when it started out and it only kept getting better.

Casual shoppers before can know Google for products "Show me Grocery stores near me" or "Men's office wear shops in 2 mile radius".

Google Maps was then the accompanying technology that augmented the navigation experience. Now, it has been taken to the next level.

For those of you who haven't heard or seen this piece of technology in action, watch the video before continuing.

This is a game changer in two major ways. Visual Search and Proportion Measurements.

Many dismiss visual search as "innovation for the sake of innovation".

Photo by Andrew Barrowman / Unsplash

Let's say you wanted this table in your dining home. How would you search for it? If you wanted that exact design...

  • Four legs?
  • Steel Legs?
  • Rectangle Top?

Visual search becomes the most viable option for when we have no idea what to type into the search bar.

Proportion Measurements

From fashion to furniture, we buy tons of stuff every month that we hope will "fit".

Here is a specific problem:
The balance between customer satisfaction and the cost of returns.

Large retail chains are currently solving the problem through promising free returns if customers aren't satisfied with the "fit" of their purchase. Unfortunately, small to mid sized businesses might not have the financial or logistical leverage to provide such services.

What if there was a way to superposition those objects onto my surroundings before my purchase?

That would level the playing field entirely and eradicate the problem for every retailer, regardless of size.

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